Oriental ship

This was a much more involved process than making the other ship. I’m glad I bought the simple ship model to learn how to get these sorts of kits to work without breaking things. It’s actually sort of nerve-wracking making these things. Still, came out OK. Not sure if I’m going to stain and/or paint or not.

Oriental Ship

Here are the two ships side-by-side:


Cheap pirate ship

I still have the ropes, sails and beams to put on this thing, but it’s coming along pretty nicely for an investment of around $4. Bought this a Michaels. The kit is normally $5.99 but we used some coupon to get the price even lower. It’s actually pretty easy to put together. I think it would make a decent game aid, but it’s not really designed for game play. The lower decks are not accessible, for one thing. And once the ropes and sails are installed, it probably won’t be playable at all. Still, pretty cool. I might stain it too.

Sailing Ship 1

Cheap dice roller

I found this wooden tray at Hobby Lobby. It was unfinished so I sanded it down, stained it with shoe polish and then put some mink oil on it to give it a finish. I also glued in some felt for the inside bottom. I need to do something to conceal the edge of the felt since I didn’t cut it perfectly, but it seems to be OK.

Cheap dice roller

Oh yeah, those Dwarvenforge pieces…

Here are the five boxes. They are pretty tightly packed. Based on this it appears that I have about as many of these as I do of either of my Hirst Arts dungeon sets.


Here’s a small cave I threw together from about 1/5 to 1/4 of the pieces.

Small cave

Still need to be painted, obviously. And I need to figure out how/where to store them. For right now my goal is to cram them back into their boxes somehow.