winding down on miniature acquisition

I am finally feeling like I have an acceptable collection of RPG fantasy miniatures. I still have probably 50 or so to finish painting and I will likely need to make a few more foam trays to hold the ones I’ve made in the past month, but I think my three month obsession with acquiring or manufacturing minis is finally more or less at an end.

I will likely be focusing on terrain going forward with occasional mini posts. There will be a few more weeks where mini posts will be frequent, but eventually I will clear out the backlog of unpainted, unassembled or unfinished minis in my home office.

Lizard to dragon update

I’ve done a bit more work on the white dragon converted from a lizard from previous photos. It’s looking pretty dang nice really. I will post some photos tonight, I just wasn’t doing much with minis last night.

Update: Well, here are a couple of quick webcam photos. Man my webcam sucks!

Update2: I deleted those crummy webcam photos, here’s one from a decent camera. Still not finished with the paint job, but you can at least see the dragon in this one.

… and a photo from the backside..

Origami dragon

Here is an example of one of my origami dragons, I’ve got dozens of these of various colors and sizes. I’ve dipped a few of them into varnish/stain which sort of plasticizes them so they get pretty sturdy.

Thoughts on the playability of these? I am considering using the origami dragons for metallic dragons since they are much less commonly encountered than chromatic dragons, and when they are encountered, they are usually NPCs that only provide help or advice.

The cheap dragons…

Here are a few photos of the el cheapo dragons I’ve been making.

This is a group of dragons and a couple flying gorillas. All of them are simple miniatures bought literally for pennies to which I have added wings made of craft foam sheets, which I bought in huge packs for a buck at the dollar store. In a few cases I’ve added some epoxy putty which is by far the most expensive component in the miniatures, but they don’t need very much putty.

Here is a front detail view of one flying gorilla and one dragon. The flying gorilla has wing bones made of epoxy putty, and the dragon has had a long neck added using epoxy putty. The neck is too thick, I will make it thinner on future dragons.

And, here is the back of the flying gorilla and the dragon. In both cases I could use a bit of epoxy putty to smooth out the transition from body to wing and make them look more natural, but I was really doing these as prototypes and was just cutting and gluing without worrying much about looks.

Still, I think they are not bad for less than fifty cents each.

Uber cheap dragons…

So, I’ve been sort of messing around seeing how I can make minatures as cheaply as possible. Varnished origami is pretty tough to beat being only pennies per miniature, but there is only so much you can do with origami.

I’ve been converting lizards into dragons. The lizards came in a bag of one dozen lizards for less then $3 for one bag, and another dozen for $1 at a dollar general store. They are almost identical in size and shape, with a couple of variations including one with a nice horned crest.

To make wings I’m just cutting them out of foam sheets I purchased at the dollar store and then dipping them in hot water to shape them. Then I paint them. The end result is probably a large dragon miniature for less than a quarter.

And they don’t look bad.

There’s also a spidercrab there. I got some real cheap crawdad minis while in Louisiana, and the claws work just fine for spidercrabs…

Home from vacation

My family vacations are typically spent driving across country then seeing family and hanging out for a few days and then driving back across country again. Which is how things went for the past week.

Of course I checked out a number of dollar stores in the cities we visited when I had a chance, so I ended up adding yet more bugs, lizards and dragons. Plus my older brother who used to run a collectibles store gave me a bunch of miniatures from his “can’t sell on Amazon” stack. This included an entire space elf army for Warhammer complete with a Gamers Workshop carrying case. I feel bad, but I did take him, his wife and daughter out to dinner…

It’s nice to be home again, even if it does mean staring at this room full of half-baked miniatures and terrain in process….

Fire and ice…

So I’ve been working on stuff but not posting much the last few days. Right now I’ve got about two dozen “in progress” minis, which is pretty common for me actually. Here’s a short description of what’s on my desk right now:

Two lizard/dragons where I’ve just added some cheesy wings to a standard lizard miniature. They actually came out relatively decently so far, but I’m still painting. I’m trying to decide if I should grind off the dinosaur names on the wings or if trying to do that will just ruin the wings…

A rhino, a monkey, two apes and a prehistoric wingless bird.

Three bizarre looking “dragons” from “How to Train Your Dragon” that I think might make interesting elementals such as magma or earth elementals.

A dire boar (added four tusks and a big crest along the back of a standard, if oversized, boar.

Fixing a goblin I had to remove from a mount I turned into a dragon. Fixing a human I had to remove from a mount to make a dragon.

Some bizarre dinosaur that looks like a prehistoric dog.

Two flame elementals, two wind elementals, five ice elementals and an earth elemental literally made from pebbles.

Other than that I’ve got some odds and ends I’m still working on as well as the major dragon project that still needs wings.