Seeking inspiration…

I seem to have hit a low point in my motivation for gaming crafting lately. It’s not that I don’t have things I want to do, I think the problem is that I have too MUCH and I can’t prioritize things properly.

I have a couple of things I’ve been working on lately but only in a hit-or-miss sort of way. Last week I made a mold to create stone floor tiles in larger sizes to make laying out a large room easier and faster. I’ve cast a dozen sets from the mold, and I figure I should get to at least 20 as a good start, but other than casting the pieces, I’ve been unable to really figure out my next step. I suppose I should just cast the remaining 8 sets and then just paint them, that would at least get something done.

But I’ve got a ton of cast blocks that I’ve been sitting on, some of them for as long as a year or 18 months. That includes a whole lot of “accessory” items such as furniture, doors, columns, stairs, etc. I know that they would come in handy for gaming but it is a real effort to paint up a bunch of small items in any reasonably decent manner. So I keep putting it off.

I’ve also got a bunch of miniatures that I haven’t painted yet. I picked up a half-dozen or so Reaper Bones miniatures to paint, but I have all this other stuff cluttering up my table so I can’t really focus on them. And, of course, I’ve got a pile of styrofoam large enough that I could probably create some life-size terrain if I wanted to.

I need to set some priorities and start working my way through this stuff.

Any suggestions?