Painted watercraft

I’m not really happy with these canoes. But I’m just gonna go with them anyway.┬áThe rafts don’t look terrible. Seriously, I gotta learn to paint.




Just messing around again with Sculpey clay. I made some canoes a long time ago, but I made the mistake of making them look like … well, canoes. Which meant long and skinny. Too skinny to comfortably hold miniature bases. So I figured I’d try a design change and make canoes intended to accomodate miniature bases first, and look like a canoe second. This is what I came up with. Oh, and a prototype raft attempt too.

With minis:


Five gelatinous cubes

Here is the result of my recent gelatinous cube making binge. I made more than five, but only five are worth the effort.

One had a layer of resin that never cured, and ended up melting and ruining the cube.

One I had sent to another forum member as part of a trade, and it seems to have melted in the mail, so I sent a replacement.

But with the three I already had, I now have eight gelatinous cubes, and I think that’s enough gelatinous cubes for any GM. Anyway, I did three with nothing inside, and two with recent “meals”. There are two different kinds of resin used here. It takes a long time for this resin to cure, so you are looking at several days of seriously stinky crafting here. I am glad to be done with it for the moment, that stuff takes days to fade away.


Close-up on the recent meals.